Tuesday, 4 April 2006


This morning I:
Learnt that a friend had been myspaced/added/like whatevered!, with a principally 18-30 demographic how would i know, by a member of the 80's band ABC , the band member's name I read as Body, and pictured that character, Boadie (sp?) from the Professionals, and then realised the name was something else and that Body was referring to the main text of the message that the former ABC band member had sent;

Realised that i was obtuse;

Was told that you could get a ticket to see the rolling stones for $40 on ebay;

Had my interest vaguely piqued; and

Flapped about and was at panic stations for work yet was strangely productive.

This afternoon I:

Ate a neenish tart. It was delicious. I think i will bake some neenish tarts over the Easter Break. this blog isn't called non sequitur rising for nothing, sweetpea;

Read that John Profumo was married to Valerie Hobson, an actress, who was also a real beauty , one of her best performances was in Kind Hearts and Coronets;

Discovered that Evelyn Waugh and Nancy Mitford were hired to work independently on the script for Kind Hearts and Coronets. However, neither of their scripts were used;

Learnt that this Sunday marks the 60th anniversary of the King of Thailand's accession to the throne;

Was introduced to a wonderful writer called George Saunders; and

Found out that the Blue Mountains suburb of Leura, where I am spending a weekend to celebrate a friend's milestone birthday, is so fancy it does not have one budget motel or hotel, only those of a luxurious and/or "boutique" nature, and it is cheaper to hire a "cottage" for one night.

This evening when i get get home i will listen to side two of Out of our heads, sing along, and play "the spider and the fly" three times and then deny being a rolling stones fan when my house guest knocks at my door at 7 p.m. Following the heated denial, Mick Jagger will rise and be made a knight, oh yeah, he already is risen, so I won't celebrate but I will cook my specialty for house/dinner guests - chilli garlic pasta with broccolini and tomatoes. We will watch neighbours and talk a lot, probably miss out on Russell Crowe "performing" at the Vanguard. shame.

Tomorrow night we will go to the cinema.

Last week I read that It's only rock n roll was someone's favourite Rolling Stones lp. While I appreciate how you veer towards middish 70's stones stuff after years of listening to the usual favourites, at 60 I will venture forth and listen to their stuff from the mid 80's onwards, oh the pain, I've been stuck on goats head soup as my favourite for about 5 years, i find it's only rock n roll has too much lameo faux reggae on it for me, well I guess it's just luxury, which is just so bad, after all it does have time waits for no one, the best song on that lp, and i find the lyrics and phrasing, and well everything on if you can't rock me and fingerprint file amusing, or is that risible, and very enjoyable.

Next week i will probably end up going and seeing the rolling stones and either get over this strange vague funk of a mood, or regret the experience, but then if i don't attend, i'll rue that too. Oh this is silly, i will just go. I always feel so uplifted after seeing them live. It is brilliant. So trying feeling 14 when you are on the cusp of 41.

Actually i think this mood i am experiencing is not being in a funk or feeling flat but known as "being mellow" or perhaps i'm coming down with a virus, i feel so disconnected, somewhat dizzy, my brain feels very removed from my body, dualism ? perhaps i have a temperature? i am rambling or on the verge of religious conversion................whatever it is i feel as though i'm doing an excellent impression of a sufferer of mad cow disease as i can't stop staring out into space in the most unfocused of fashions.

actually, i realise that I haven't taken my thyroxine thyroid supplement for well over a month and am possibly on the verge of cretinism.


boy said...

Is your tart a reference to Nina Simone?

Mistress Bel said...

goodness me, no. no vilification permitted on NSR, no matter how tempting, and certainly not about ns. a neenish tart consists of a sweet short pastry crust base, then filled with sweetened cream with a hint of strawberry jam, covered with an iced top, half chocolate and half vanilla. It's rather rich. I have a neenish tart twice a year.

boy said...

Are they easily accessible?

Mistress Bel said...

David Jones' food hall is good. but i reckon there must be loads of places in mel where you could buy them. Mel is very neenish tart, you know , i visit twice a year and have a very rich and wonderful time.

BOY said...