Thursday, 1 February 2007

Lovely llladies of the CBD

The summer fashion for the young working woman about town is neither eclectic boho nor rack off mollene. It's rather je ne sais quoi.

Those crazy young foxes are wearing suits, be it of pant or skirt, on their person and thongs on their feet. The thongs are generally brown or white, and i must say i have always found a pair of white thongs particularly stylish.

Perhaps it's a tribute to the zippy fashion of days gone by when suits were combined with sandshoes, no, sneakers, er runners, oh plimsoles, then!

It's a look that is professionale yet casuale. You're bound by work yet you're still footloose and fancy free. You're in the city but ready for the sea.

Young women of the CBD there is now nothing that you cannot do.

You have got it all.

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David said...

Cue 'Western Girls' by Dragon