Tuesday, 27 February 2007

And the winner is..............BOTOX

I watched most of last night’s Oscars. Why? Either me own personal hits of botox are seeping from the forehead into the brain or I gorged on too much British Beef in 1996 and am suffering from the onset of mad cow’s disease - it’s either staring into space or at the telly for me most work nights.

At times the show’s host Ellen de Generes was almost as wet as SJP. Who would have thought that could be possible.

And how about the freak show that is our Nicknkeith Kidman-Urban. Nicknkeith looked like they were sporting rubber masks of their faces. Still, once the contract is spent and the talent non-existent there's not much else to do but hit the botox or board the booze/toot/rehab merry-go-round.

Hey, at least there's a choice.

A friend once compared Nickers’ appearance to that of a well preserved old lady. And boy was she on the money. Nickers is doing a fine impression of Nancy Reagan welcoming Cruella de Ville to her visage and corps. It’s strange our Nic is not yet 40 but her whole demeanor has become that of Norma Desmond and despite lack of age difference Keith is doing a sterling support as Joe Gillis.

What a relief to get that off my chest.

Oh it is a therapeutic joy to have, not necessarily read, a blog as trivial as mine.


David said...

Well I never. Being compared to a well-preserved old lady. Sux

boy moritz said...

middle-age an all

brian keith said...

What, no mention of my cameo.

Mistress Bel said...

Dear Brian Keith,

YOu have caused me more grief dead than alive. Admittedly your deep and heavy breathing and general demeanour in family affair unsettled me. I do not know why and nor can i explain why i have been thinking about you so much lately let alone dreaming about you. Respectfully I say to thee, and this is going to hurt me more than it does you, rest in peace, and let me get on with the important business that is my life.

charlie billmick said...

Last night I dreamt about Bustah Cherry Jones