Tuesday, 20 February 2007


Call me Jimmy Tickles, oh google the reference for jc's sake, i cannot be arsed doing a link today, but the past three days i have been feeling super jazzed by work, it has been tops, and play, weekend was fun and had some amusingly silly moments with some ridiculously extravagant and funny personalities. And i mean that in the nicest possible way A. M-C. Caffarel. Don't worry about her privacy, she'll only happen on this blog a couple of years after googling her name , the question is : will you do it before her? When was the last time you googled your name?

Speaking of Jimmy Tickles, i did watch the strangers with candy movie a month ago. It was not brilliant nor was it a right off and i hate to be all oh their first lp was their best but there is truth in the cliche and you are better off buying the dvds of the tv series. I cannot lend mine out anymore as i love them so but you are welcome to come over for a screening. Nevertheless i was entertained by the movie, not having watched my favourite episodes for a couple of months, and delighted to hear goddammit uttered with such invective, and tittered at the stock inversions of platitudes. Everyone looked a lot older, well apart from Jerri - i guess everyone else had caught up, a lot of physical ageing happens in 8 years, so don't say you haven't been warned.

I also watched that film about Boring Jones called, oh gordon , Stoned. Again, it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be - is it any cockin' wonder that I start today's posting announcing my superjazzedness when a month ago i was hiring films that from the outset i thought would be terrible!?!

In sum the dvd was entertaining and acceptable weekend fodder - yours Wilfred Hyde-White.

The relationship between Bri and the alleged murderin' builder was very Turner and Chas from Performance. Have never been a fan of the Bri Bri so never had any interest in reading any of the murder consipiracy books on which the film was apparently based but having savoured all those david dalton books on rs as a 13 year old, the memories flooded back like those of somebody else. Rampant blond androgyny and misogyny, Bri's capacity to pick up any instrument or bird and play, Tangiers, Pipes of Pan's People, your best mate running off with your best old lady in the back of a limo, getting expelled from the band - beautiful re-enactment that - McKeithncharlie went round to Pooh corner, where Keith told Boring "you're out of the band, cock." Hey who hasn't heard those words and run to their bleedin' recorder or flute, taken a dip, or phoned the fanzine press beggin' for an interview.

Hanyways you'd all know whose life story i'd rather see on the silver screen, no, not mine, that's already been adapted for stage musical. The synopsis for that future bio epic will be left for another posting or until subjects die. Respectful, eh.

Yeah so another review in which i say it was ok , what i'd rather have seen or heard, and then proceed to talk about a past that is not even mine.

I'm so super jazzed right now.


boy moritz said...

I'm not reading any more of this until I get a goddam link

Mistress Bel said...

Oh, alright then. Arise Jimmy Tickles