Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Wednesday night bookclub

What have you been reading lytely? I myself personally have not been able to get enough of the bio or the autobio genre. Super read, learn a lot and get to make lots of harsh but informed judgements (two e's make that noun look so much softer and prettier).

Following a recommendation from fjg I began the Latham diaries, borrowed from the work library, but half way through it got too much even for bileous drawers here. Still he was shafted badly so who can blame him.

I recently finished the Helen Reddy autobio on loan from biblio lorraine. It was a great memoir and worth reading. Helen is a top dame - forthright, intelligent and interested. Holland named a tulip after her. Frank Sinatra sent her yella roses. Her family history and general tales about Australian showbiz were very interesting as were her reincarnation theories particularly the one about the houses of Windsor and York.

H.R believes that Wallis Simpson was the reincarnation of Richard III and that Elizabeth II and Princess Ma'am Darling were the reincarnations of the little princes, Edward V and Richard, Duke of York - Richard the III's nevews who he allegedly murdered up in that tower.

Apparently it was natural justice or the karma chameleon that led Edward VIII, who in a past life had been a devoted servant to Richard III, to be drawn to Wallis and rectify the 500 year old wrong by abdicating and letting a York ascend the throne.


I think Admiral Peter Debnam is the reincarnation of Edward VIII but I don't think Wallis has returned yet.

Each to her/his own in the search for meaning, and a spiritual belief must be comforting, but the prospect of reincarnation and the after-life in general strikes me as utterly exhausting. Just when you think you can give up the ghost you're back on. Talk about a neverending story.

Speaking of exhausting and neverending stories i am about to hit the couch to read Jonestown, which I also borrowed from the work library. Fortunately the librarian has covered the book in brown paper so i don't have to see the Parrot's face.

Oh and for those of you who were wondering why i don't frequent my local municipal library - three words:

Brian the autodidact.

You remember him, my librarian come community theatre pal who I performed with in that salute to Hollywood stars in the Illawarra, and who later sabotaged my musical bio, Before the bubble burst - see 2006 postings, well, the stupid twerp in a frenzied panic to read the entire library's contents in alphabetical order by 2010 has broken his own rules and borrowed all of L, M and R. Nevertheless I do admire his setting such a goal. It's important to realise your dreams, well not the type i've been having lately but that's another posting..........

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