Friday, 19 January 2007

Sets by Mr Bob interior decorator

The new year in Neighbours has brought some incongruous fittings and fixtures to some of the sets, not to mention swearing and that new look and wardrobe for Karl Kennedy and his pursuit of self-sustainable living. Karl is looking quite dishevelled, almost grunge (hey, i cannot take credit for coining the word grunge, but gee imagine if you could, imagine making up a term, oh my brain hurts just thinking of the creativity required). A spin off sitcom about Karl and Susan and their self-sustainable living is imminent, if only their surname were Good and not Kennedy. Perhaps the show could be called glad i'm not a Kennedy .

Back to the sets.

In tonight's episode of Neighbours i was struck by the curious decor at Erinsborough hospital.
While Stef was telling Mad Max that they could not reunite, in the hospital's family break-up room, she was standing beside a wall shelf that held an array of coloured cocktail glasses , none of which, unfortunately for Max, had a splash of Mr Booze. The hospital corridor now features this amazing fish tank like decoration on its wall. It is lit by an aqua fluorescent light and appears to contain some kind of marine plant.

One mobile phone was persistently ringing in the background during most scenes at the hospital. It's very hectic there.

Off to Melburn tomorrow and i really must take the opportunity to further examine those sets.

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