Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Old friends' night* #2017

Following a tip from Nickers i've been trawling youtube all evening watching old Dragon film clips. Oh don't get me wrong, sugar, i wasn't copying off him, i was into you tube way before he! I had just previously spent my time on the youtube channel trawling other important business - checking out Dragon had never crossed my mind.

Hey, do yourself a favour and have a look, at the clips not my mind, there's nothing to the latter.

Frankly Marc Hunter seems distinctly wilder than he did when i was 11. MH was one louche, dissolute, rangy cat. I just find it odd that in the same year, 1976, that i saw this time I just sniggered and enjoyed the bop and the carry on of the lads in the El Alamein Fountain whereas i was silenced and intrigued upon seeing Mickey J prancing about to hot stuff, must have been the scarf and that alcan foil on his arse, crotch and jacket. Grrrr tiger. Both singers were patently off their scones and i was sober, possibly razzed on some GI or red cordigal and playing with swap cards. I guess it's a question of über, that term is just not used enough these days, star quality.

In the promo film clip for this time Marc Hunter is a total caution, completely wild and full of cheek. Oh glory here's a link from grandma and then compare and contrast and of course, discuss amongst yourselves, this.

While marvelling at the high jinks of that MH in this time i can't help but worry about the future adulthood of my more rambunctious nevews.

Looking at the film clip for hot stuff now i find the appeal of the old Micksmaster somewhat comical. Any 11 yo worth her/his salt really would have been struck by how cool that Charlie was. How about Keith and his stripey trou, he'd been wearing that pair since the goddamn rocknroll circus. Special Scag or what. Not to mention the ensembles in this time - Todd and his super silver space boots. Anyway thanks for humouring the mistress and her little plastic inevitabel multimedia extravaganza. Oh technology where would we be without it. Oh and yes, i do remember the sex pistols on the goddamnmikewillessee a current affair but can we just focus on Marc H and Mickey J. You want to rekindle those kind of memories go to youtube -the Mistress, while a trailblazer, is not renowned for street credibilité.

Hanyways i could blog and bore you like this for hours, and let's face it have done, will do and did to most of you last weekend in the flesh, youtubethatnow.

Yes, so you know i spent the weekend par-taying in Mel and it was like being 19 all over again, oh good times and i guess if it were like i was 19 again the correct term to use would be raging.

The wedding celebrations seemed to generally go very well and the Bride and Groom enjoyed themselves as did the majority of the guests. I had a great time and was really happy to socialise, contrary to my big funk before attending which i attribute to pre-wedding jitters. I've said it before and i'll say it again - sweetheart, if i cannot personalise your experience it is not worth my while. Thank you to the Bride and Groom for their generous hospitality, the post-wedding hosts and crew, and of course to Lorraine.

I had a really wonderful weekend and am missing you all already, even those i possibly offended, but that's the ways it's got to be, little darlings.

*term copyright gha.


boy said...

I had a similar reaction to Paul Stanley when I was 24.

David said...

Permanent and casual indeed