Monday, 8 January 2007

Back with a Wimpie burger

Happy newie and a happy new year too.

Well it's been some hiatus.

I guess it was caused by the lack of frivolity, self-deprecation, general fun and celebration of the superficial in cyberspace and their supplantation by the pretentious, self-congratulatory and misguidedly self-important, see postings November, October and all of September worldwebwide.

I could no longer be part of that kind of blogosphere. I yearned for some laughs, just one more ride on the merry-go-round for the sake of a good time, a pause from the bottom's not dissimilar from foot know-it-all and his good friend right-on Roger Bore. I had also recently read Debra Byrne's life story and had slumped to a new low. If only Gerald Samper had ghostwritten her horror story of a bio.

My blogjo had gone and i felt rather glum. What was i to do now that i'd given up public navel gazing and lame but carefree jokes. Inertia had consumed my very core, gone was the pitter patter banter of my tiny mind. I felt sluggish, washed up and cast aside, not to mention juiced up and sloppy.

It then dawned on me that it was time to engage physically with people, and i don't mean hooking up with strangers at swingers' fleshpots as advertised on the telegraph poles that are strewn open slather along City Road, let's leave something for 2008.

So socialise i did.

I went to the work Christmas party and caroused until the wee hours, I went out to luncheons and dinners with some new acquaintances who i'd met at group therapy, i met up with old friends and family to celebrate the birth of the J baby, Jesus the man lingers at Waverton Station, danced till dawn at the Lord Mayor's NYE part-ay with Tina Bursill, Ita Buttrose and a handful of other personalities, not to mention their tiny bodies and big heads, from the 70's and the 80's - a night of nights.

In essence and ultimatively i took a reality check. A hard pill to swallow indeed but i did, loved what didn't choke me, and am as proud as Shane Warne, but possibly not as proud as Simoane (that's French for dumb, former model - French is a very succinct tongue) and I eagerly anticipate and embrace the end of 2007.

For love, adventure and cash to spend, like Goldmark, or rehab, are just around the corner.

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