Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Pink wasabi premonition

Don't worry not a single by a number three idol but the statement on a pale green t-shirt worn by a passenger sitting opposite me on the bus.

Oh wasabi it means nothing to me.

People appear to get a little irritated when you squint at their chest trying to decipher what is written or illustrated on the shirt covering their treasure but really they should just get a grip. You're making a statement, duds, be prepared to be read.

The only words worth writing and wearing on a t-shirt are

big fat mothertrucker

Oh, and in this our Federal election year,

Llady, love your Krudd.

cannot get enough of these goddamn carriage returns.... ooh and those dots, hoo ha

Neither of those t's will i be a sportin' this weekend when i make a special guest cameo at the wedding of the 21st century.

The wedding is in Melbourne, and i'm flying ass'n'stuff herself - the Qant. No more verjus bleurgh for me (see 6 March 2006 posting).

Back to the nuptials.

They are to be held in the suburb that Dame Edna once called hoame. One day, not in your lifetime, but probably mine, that Dame will be the patron saint of the Ponds. My monster prediction for 2033. Mind you, canonization could be a bit too much of an RC concept for the Dame who is probably CofE. However, towards her later years she will convert as all the best brains do. Well, actually the best brains are atheist.

It will be a marvellous celebration - the wedding, I mean, admittedly it pales in comparison to the celebrations that will ensue with Our Lady's future canonization.

Victoria being in the grips of a firestorm, I fear that the weather will be insupportable, hotter than Hades - 40 degrees, and that is one hot mothery cockadoodledoo, is forecast for Saturday 20107 ( man i hope i stil have this blog on the 9th february in 2010, but will shannon doherty still be alive? will luke perry still be dating renny zellwelleger?And Brian Austin Green still obscene?)

We will be jolly but sweaty puddles with fallen fascinators and skewiff ties, having celebrated the nuptials with great verve and joy, and once the newlyweds have bade farewell, we will re-group in a circle, it will be too hot for a group cuddle, as we flatly sing, not throw your arms around me but it's so hot today, a dirge like ditty popular in daycare centres nationwide in the early 90's.

it's so hot today
40 degrees in the shade
pour me some lemonade
it's so hot today

(refrain x 10)

Carry on matron is on Channel 2 at 4.30 Friday morning. I am a glass is half full person after all.


David said...

The forecast for Saturday has been revised to something closer to 10 degrees.

Mistress Bel said...

in your dreams

boy said...

the ice queen must be visiting

Mistress Bel said...

I thought you were already there