Tuesday, 19 February 2013


I think that it was Huey Lewis or perhaps Lou Reed who said it's hip to be square. 

In fact, it was what Lew Reed said to Huey Louis one night at the Factory for yes, I was there (slumped on an alcan foil covered beanbag (my creation)  about to pass out from too many luudes , nevertheless, there.)

The speed freaks and drag queens were out in force, Andy had had a quarter of a tab of a diet pill or perhaps it was a quart of Tab,  and Nico was flat on her back doing those crazy bicycle calisthenics (spookily portentous, not to mention lewd or is that loued) to the accompaniment of strobe, natch, so much goddamn strobe. Needless to say Huey Lewis felt really out of sorts and insecure and said as much to Louballsage (as Stirling and I had affectionately dubbed him).

It  took another 15 years for Huey Lewis to have the courage to put Lou's maxim to music.  I said to him, "Huey, dude, Lou's been ripping off cats for years, don't worry, it's the honky rockers' way." Unfortunately several years later I uttered similar words of encouragement to the Men at Work.


David said...

I know this is true because I read it somewhere previous.

boy moritz said...

one for the books or the book david once read

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