Monday, 7 June 2010

"it is what it is"

"We do what we have to do." “I am what I am. " "You are what you are” (i.e. a totally self-absorbed and immature “ratf*ck", settle inner K priss, S E T T L E).

Matoority and originality drawers here is so tired of hearing people utter these moronically obvious statements with such solemnity, yeah if they were laughing and wagging cigars it would be tops. Great, pompous poops. Fortuntately these bores no longer seem to say 'QED' and I am not surprised by its decline in popularity for I, too, found Jenny Morris somewhat unappealing.

These platitidoodinal catch cries are very similar to the statements that peppered the parley of Days of Our Lives scripts in the 70's and 80's perhaps they still do but I stopped watching the show around September 1985-ish, as some very nice and million times more focused friends got me off my derriere and CHOOSING LIFE.

Don Craig, Salem's DA, love interest of Julie Horton-Banner-Williams (she looked like a poor man's Joan Collins (and that's high praise, ain't it NSRs) and Mary Anderson, was master utterer of such expressions. I have to admit that I did find Don the DA rather appealing, not just due to his sagacity, he seemed to model himself on James Caan as Sonny Corleone crossed with wisecracking Elliot Gould - an utterly devAstating combination.

As Salem's DA, Don was involved in many baffling cases such as the Salem Strangler, mayhem and murder caused by Dr Marlene Evans's evil twin sister (actually I think Don also had a thing for “Doc”) drownings or were they murders (hey, leave that for Don to determine) at Bob Anderson's boathouse, Mickey Horton's drink driving and manslaughter (very Teddy Kennedy) , and those hilarious madcap hi jinks with Eugene and Calliope. Needless to say Don had to do a lot of pondering and  resolutionising, consequently he  would often stroke his chin and muse "It's a wait and see situation", which I would have found utterly reassuring.

 In the 1990’s Don came back into my life, well the actor Jed Allen did,and yes, he came back into your life too, NSRs, BIG TIME, for he  he played Steve Sanders’s father in Beverly Hills 90210. It was a masterful portrayal.

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Derwent said...

I was thinking about DOOL only this morning. Something made me recall Thaao Penghlis' mangling of a line as he lay in bed denying something to someone and it was something like: 'No I don't think he thought you told me that... I mean, I don't think you thought I told him that.' Isn't the mind wonderful.

Isn't it also wonderful that my word verification is 'alist'