Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Forget her letterhead debacle

Lordy Q and A certainly spiralled to a peculiar end last night.

Peter Singer philosophised on the ethics of an owner and her dog and cunnilingus, after which the majority of the panel members opted not to opine and looked as though they could not quite believe where the discussion was going (David Marr was twitching in his seat, head turned away from speaker, gaze upward )... When Senator Helen Coonan felt compelled to add to the discussion with a Kath Day-Knightian counter argument along the lines of  I've got two beautiful Golden Retrievers (of course you do, sweetheart) who i love very much but i would never ... Discussion over, the show concluded to the sound  of mirthful mocking shrieks from Nanny Marr.


David said...

I think we're all hoping you get to use that label again, the sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

I loved this moment. Singer's role is to challenge us with notions we'd rather ignore, but which exist anyway.

Coonan's response was absolutely the funniest moment of this boring program since its inception. It replaces Julie Bishop's Sapphic gaze to Germaine Greer from an earlier episode as not-to-be-missed.

boy moritz said...

I did check to see if there were any more entries for Helen and her Retrievers.

Wait, did we just form a band?

Mistress Bel said...

A lot more dignified than kiss my poodle's donkey.I'm pushing 50 so yes it's probably time for me to form another band. Perhaps we could get Fran Kelly to reform the punk band that she alleges to have played in to support us.