Friday, 18 January 2008

Where membership’s a smiling face

Well may people ask “what are you listening to at the moment?” (MySpacien in origin?) but would enquirer care to know about lyrics and toons that randomly emerge from your memory banks to become that day’s, week’s soundtrack.

This week I’ve been staring at my work schedule for 2008 trying to work out the very latest I can submit stuff so I can focus on personal emails, facebook and reading blogs when the sound of cicadas vibrate in my right ear (too high a frequency for my partially deaf left ear), a mesmerising Calypso or Cuban beat starts tapping in my mind, my shoulders sway (moving in the disconcerting fashion that the shoulders of Nightmoves host Lee Simon did when he spoke) and I mouth “all that’s missing is the sea” to holler “But don’t worry, you can suntan!”, with great gusto, then a "woah woah wooaaaaaaaah" descending to a bit of "cool, coooooooooool" and ending with a pathetic cough to conceal my folly.

Nevertheless a hauntingly satiric lyric such as this should be sung out loud with exuberant abandon.


David said...

cicadas i thought you meant april sun

Mistress Bel said...

Yes me too. Imagine my surprise when brain prohibted "tired of the city life, summer's " and permitted "let me take you to the place, where membership's..." It was a pleasant change.

Curiously all i have on my mind now is this: