Friday, 18 January 2008

Keep your crystal visions to yourself

Following the trail of some friends, whose opinion I hold in high regard, I went and saw no country for old men. What did I think of it? I really do not know. I don't think i even understood it. I didn’t hate it but it left me feeling like I’ve got mad cow’s disease, or perhaps that’s just returning to work after the Xmas break. I’m dazed and almost without an opinion.

I rather liked the actors, the scenery and feeling freaked out by the violence'n'gore and watching those bits through the parted fingers covering my face while yelping. However, I just feel that the film went in my mind and straight out. And although I had been warned that Tommy Lee Jones’ monologue was the last part of the film and not to zone out I did. I believe this is because he was recounting a dream. I mean really who listens to anybody's recount of a dream. Furthermore it didn't sound as though there was one celeb in it!

Hanyways I'd much rather have seen that film than the one about the Bobster. Still I am left worrying that perhaps, like Lady Di once lamented, "i have the brain of a pea" - still that "devious moron" had one over me - i'm so ignorant i didn't know that peas had brains.

I will leave you the following to ponder in 2008 (please read it with the voice of Ronald Coleman or Maxwell Smart as that Prince)

Is it a far, far better thing to be a devious moron or a Best Party Eva Corey, or are they the same thing?


t-k said...

Plants have feelings; it lives, it breathes, it has a brain. The world is full of tortured pot plants crying out for water.

Sounds like you did pick up on the Vegan theme in the movie, unconsciously perhaps.

David said...

It's strange to think that peas have brains, yet corn has ears, potatoes have eyes and celery has lips. Those guys should get together.

Mistress Bel said...

I knew celery had caps but lips that sounds even more contentious.