Thursday, 31 January 2008

Spew glorious spew

This morning i had the delight of catching the ferry to Circular Quay to go to work. It was wonderful and the sea was slightly choppy which was exciting.

As i walked from the Quay to my office in Wynyard, i counted several piles of vomit. I didn't think that Wednesday was a notoriously boozy night even for the Rocks area. Perhaps the piles were left over from the nation's weekend celebrations but they really did look too fresh. Seasick ferry travellers?

Anyway i didn't give it a second thought until 10 minutes ago when returning home from the bottleshop after having had a somewhat fraught and dispiriting driving lesson - thunderstorm, lightning, mental traffic and my steering is spaz and erratic, I passed the old post office and noticed a scrawl on its wall that read "Cass spewed here" with an arrow pointed towards the ground.


spades of said...

Whenever I read about spew, I get the urge to spew.
Thankfully I suppressed the urge, but I'm still thinking about it.

Mistress Bel said...

I am glad that no hurling happened. Have you heard about the remake of the famous five, cartoon form no less and then the one where they're sposed to be in their 40's (as if the real famous fivers would be dead or septo/octo genarians). Totally spewin mckewan.

Nickers sent me a link about it the other day.

Oh and look there it is below, beneficent blogger so eager to please, thanks blogsy.

spades of said...

Ohh gawd it all sounds majorly awful.

Though vaguely exciting.