Monday, 6 November 2006

and furthermore

This morning while sitting on the bus I happened to observe a poster promoting Jamie Oliver's new cookery book. The poster features one photo of Jamie smashing up a microwave and another of him standing looking all puffed up and cocky with his arms crossed against his chest.

Jamie Oliver has never bothered nor thrilled me but as I appraised the advertisement distaste imbued my palate and it dawned on me that Jamie had become the Bono Vox of the cookery world.

Speaking of Bono, last week I was commenting to a friend how Sting had become practically harmless only to learn two days later that Sting had released a new lp on which he plays lute while squawking Elizabethan ditties or recitin' some excerpts from John Dowland's letters. I was lucky enough to hear an example of both on the radio.

English teacher, noo waver, poet laureate of pop, tantric lover, turtle lover, Russophile, peace troubadour - is there anything that Sting cannot do, well, apart from act.

A true Renonsence man.

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