Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Keep a-goin'

Well it is as hot as Hades in Syd. as it probably is everywhere else in this world-class, it don't worry me, T3 besotted nation.

No point complainin' about the heat. I've been countering it with a couple of very long Gordons and tonic, closed the windows and lowered the blinds.

It's a very dry heat which i must say i don't mind in moderation. I just imagine i'm in a Tennessee Williams play, but the heat in the south would be humid surely, adopt a southern accent and amuse myself greatly while flapping my pea green chinoise fan and alternate between cooing, sighing and laughing hysterically as i gaze upon my aged reflection in the looking glass.

Good news!

i have mastered an absolutely flawless impression of Liz Taylor's voice. I didn't have an opportunity to try it out at work but give me a call and you'll be so entertainted.

Am still loving the new job, despite lack of showing off opps, and more importantly am still being amply adored there.

Curiously i've managed to keep up the quietly competent front but for how long? I feel as though i'm walkin' a tightrope of double indemnity proportions; super efficient bel versus shit happens you got a problem with that bel. it's her and me straight down the line. or was that the premise for the patti duke show?

I do declare this heat is frahing what remains of mah brain. flutter of fan, twitch of eye, high pitched flirtatious giggle, gulp of gin upon glimpse of reflection. NB not example of Liz Taylor voice impression.

Been busy busy on the social front and all but like i said greatest achievements to date are my sensational impression of Liz Taylor's voice accompanied by the carriage of B. Dubois, and my new work place relations.

Spin out sister

Sad news about Robert Altman*. But frankly listening to Fran Kelly attempt to analyse his work with David Thomson on Radio National made me even sadder.

Nashville really is one of the most brilliant and entertaining movies. If it weren't for House and trippin over being broadcast tonight i'd watch it on deeveedee....

Thanks for some excellent movies and appreciating the Carradines, fella.

One of the Carradines should have been made President.

*When i heard the announcement of Robert Altman's death i was in a room away from the radio and misheard Bob's name for that of Dennis Waterman. I stopped in my tracks and then got dressed.


boy said...

Liz Schmizz, we prefer your Henry Gibson impressions.

Mistress Bel said...

But that isn't an impression