Saturday, 28 October 2006

don't you press that button

On Wednesday morning I rose at 5 in keen anticipation of an early meeting at work. I got to the building at 6.25 and initially had difficulty gaining entry, finally got in at 6.30, the building's entrance door still bears my silhouette.

Eager to get to level 7 and tie up some loose ends before the meeting, i bounded into lift number three, swiped my pass and firmly pressed the button. Hmm, no action. Swiped pass again, nothing registered. So i tutted and pressed the <> open door button to exit but was thwarted. I huffed and pressed the mother again. Still no action. Proceeded to furiously jab the button but to no effect. Ball of tension about to erupt, hope the cctv caught my calm and poise coping with being trapped in the lift. Fortunately the lift was on the ground floor or i would have been in a worse state, i was wailing and cursing as it was.

Pressed the emergency button and was half way through explaining the situation, had to holler as the reception was bad, when the emergency line cut out. Pressed emergency button again and got a different operator, who sounded as though she was suffering from a night before of larfs, lime and lager at the Coogee Bear Hotel (backpackers' special -GBH at the CBH, lovely). She was really unhelpful, brusque and was asking for my mobile phone number when we got cut off.

In my experience mobiles go out of range when you're in an elevator.

This carry on and my frustration only continued for 15 minutes, had to press the emergency button about five times as the line kept disconnecting, when mercifully a security guard on the basement sought a lift and did press the button, and my number went down. I was let out of the lift, very soothingly placated and then escorted to my office without further incident. Thank you Security Guard.

Hope it doesn't happen again because it really brought out a curious mixture of bluster, panic, and doom. Admittedly it doesn't take much. At least i was alone in the lift.

Hanyways the meeting and everything went well and that evening i went to the doctor to have the stitches, which were a souvenir from the excision of black mole friday a fortnight ago, removed from my back. Mole is benign, so you know, lovely.


tom said...

Perhaps you ought not be attempting to be first through the door? Someone is bound to notice.

Lady Jo said...

Imagine how chuffed I was when quipping that the "bluster" link would no doubt be to Mainwaring, to see his Toad-like image diplayed...he is truly the epitome of bluster, though it has to be said that he dealt well with Jerry when guarding the captured krauts in W-On-S, no bluster blew his steely English resolve I was v proud of Arthur's commitment to take no guff from the Huns...hip hoorah for cap'n mainwaring Lady Jo

Mistress Bel said...

oh Mainwaring he's like no other. I recall once telling fjg of my love for mainwaring and she told me to go to ICAC where i'd find blustering Mainwarings left, right and centre. I then realised that the likes of Mainwaring were best left behind the television screen.