Thursday, 12 October 2006

wheel on fire

Astride a tumbleweed and sporting a straw cowboy hat that he thought was très Madonna but was plus Molly Meldrum, Mr Steven Ross blew into town direct from the Deniliquin ute muster.

It's a hoot and holler to have him back. Running that franchise of the Stefanie Powers wildlife park in Denni, as folk in the country like to call the town, keeps him well occupied. But like me he always manages to find time for the little people, i don't know how we do it, oh yes, two words, Lady Di.

Well she's gawne and we're living so let's press play and get on with the posting.

Last night we met up with Blonde Mischief and hit Leichhardt to see the devil wears prada and then dined at il cugino, which is my favourite eyetalian tratt - I promise to take you there some time. We had lots of fun, laughs a plenty, and a pearl hunt. I’d caught my pearl bracelet on the cuff of my coat, tearing a strand of pearls that proceeded to pour down the sleeve and spill into the cinema's aisle, give me Jaffas any day. I guess this means i'm about to lose all my teeth.

The film was entertaining and visually gorgeous but I think you can wait till deeveedee.

And today is my last day at the old job.

These past 2 weeks, or is it a month, have whirled past. It has been wonderful catching up with so many different people and knowing that the old routine is drawing to a close and a new challenge lies ahead. But the mistress is starting to panic, phantom sore throats and headcolds strike and then immediately disappear when the smoke alarm rings as she's forgotten to remove a pan from the flame.

i feel as though i'm looking into a crystal meth ball and all these laughing faces and incidents from my past are tearing by. My smug bubble continues to rapidly inflate until ridiculously enormous it finally bursts, smearing my face, my reputation, my career with the sticky, icky hot pink remains of arrogance, conceit and vanity. Then Naomi Robson knocks at my door.

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