Friday, 8 September 2006

things that matter #97: Where's our spwing gone

Warm spell preceding cold snap is a fairly standard cycle in Sydney, and probably most places, as mooother nature makes her gradual transition from winter to spring, well it has been most of my life here in this increasingly annoying but so visually appealing city.

Since Friday the weather has been rather warm verging on hot over the weekend. Inevitably it didn't last, as it was unseasonal goddammit, and there was a wild southerly buster come Wednesday. So today's Sydney Morning Herald runs an article about winter's return, or where's our spring gone, get the where's our summer gone generally two weeks after the summer solstice and there's been a couple weeks of rain! This year old Fairfax has jumped the gun in moaning about spring. Spring actually hasn't sprung officially and won't until 22nd September.

This "news story" happens most seasons and each time i get worked up and rrrabid. However, now that i've blogged this gripe i promise to suffer in silence each season instead of making your ears bleed with my impression of a sibilant, warped 78 on a grandmaphone.


Anonymous said...

have you ever invited scientists to pop the hot pink balloons attached to your costume

boy said...

I've heard better pick-up lines at meteorological swingers parties!

Mistress Bel said...

i suspect, boy, that anonymous is implying that the mistress is full of hot air or a psychology student come 'entertainin' strumpet' strutting the corridors of parliament house, or perhaps both. oh my. i do love talking about the topical issewes of the day and never in my wildest dreams, even those featuring me covered top to toe in hot pink balloons, did i think that nsr could become a forum for such matters. Mistress Bel McCutcheon

Mistress Bel said...

Dear anonymous,

no i haven't but perhaps i should start some balloonlighting, feel so frustrated with my 9to5.