Tuesday, 26 September 2006

How low can you go?

Age and time were no barrier to enjoyment at last night's Brownlows.

My man and me had a top night out. Dinner and a show cannot be beaten, let's face it.

It was a very classy evening.

I was glad to have an occasion to sport an old red Osti frock that a friend, oh alright, yes it was Brian, we have called a truce, had very kindly revamped for me.

It was quite simple really. Don't want Brian to get ideas above his station.

The dress had been blessed with a plunging v neckline but Bri just cut that a bit lower, tore some holes out on the back at chest level, and used the K-Tel Bedazzler and sequins for a bit of razzle dazzle or bling as we call it nowadays.

I wore the dress back to front and hey, presto i was very Cop Shop Danni/Paula Duncan saying buona sera to Kelly Le Brock on a sultry spring evening circa 2006. A salute to some old style Hollywood/Cinecitta glamour with a contemporary slapper, if you willl.

The outfit and I were a hott surefire hit - prompted some dagger looks and scrag fights in the dunnies. Mission accomplished.

Lovely night and some very heart felt speeches were made, on stage and in the lavs, oh, just joshing.

Speaking of Paula Duncan as Danni in Cop Shop I think Paula/Danni's shoulderbag holding style, which i've adopted, is the cause for the abysmal tennis elbow that i've been suffering from for well over two months. I've been constantly clutching the bag's shoulder strap and keeping the arm bent at a right angle. So if you have a hand or man bag hanging from your shoulder, do not, i repeat, NOT, constantly clutch the strap keeping your arm bent at a right angle. Ladies, metros, keep that arm straight and stiff . And to keep your bag secure and avoid flaccid fish hand, gently cup the bottom of your bag with your palm. So you'll be nimble, secure AND stylish.


David said...

And how's your trigger finger?

Mistress Bel said...

it's kind of arthritic an'all. Too much texting.