Tuesday, 5 September 2006

the mistress and the kindness of strangers

Well last week I was like in Tamsinia right and on Tuesday after my escape from the clutches of that dastardly driver, I was kind of rushed, insane and had to catch a bus to New Town but without sufficient moolah. So in a mad and dizzy flap I went to the atm and withdrew moolah, collected the card, squatted down to tie up my shoe lace and then forgot to collect the cash. Yes I know, I did this a couple of months ago, I am a fan of Lou Carpenter* but this is ridiculous. Fortunately the sum I failed to collect was only a ‘lobster, cobber’ and I had enough to get me to New Town. Only costs $1.70 to gad about the town in Hobart which of course makes the Hobart Metro the Hollywood Seven of public transport, 1 buck 70 for a ride or a tour guide takes your life.

Imagine my surprise when I checked my bank statement the other day, in between checking the information being spewed forth from my ticker tape machine while I tangoed with Gomez Adams, to see that the Hobart branch of my bank had deposited $20 into my account. Someone had gone to that machine after me, found my moolah and receipt and the darling lamb had then entered the bank, no doubt queued on my behalf, I’m sobbing as I type, thanking god all along the way, finally proceeding to the living breathing teller and giving the moolah to her/him to deposit into the mistress's important business account.

Thank you kind lady, thank you kind sir. You are a lamb of the highest order.

*Neighbours character currently suffering from early onset of Alzheimers but of course everyone remembers Hollywood Seven by Jon English and if you don't i'm sorry to advise that you have Alzheimers, bucko.


Lord Catch said...

and how is the old Easter Bunny then? I hate to tell it to you Bel but if you leave the money at the ATM it Automatically sucks it back inside after about 20 seconds, gods truth.

Mistress Bel said...

oh technology you've done it again.

Well at least the tooth fairy exists.

Nice to hear from you Lord Catch, despite the crushing tone.

I will be in contact this weekend.