Wednesday, 22 February 2006

STA Speedwagon

I am like so not early. I arrived rather tardy to work and I've got so much work to do, bulk of which is due today. So really what have I to lose by making this entry but more time, dignity, and, um, my job?

The buses were chockers today. I love the Sydney system, and it is like so cliche to slag off public transport, so i won't be doing that. I had to wait 30 minutes until I could board a bus and when I did, boy, was it worth the wait. As I embarked and deducted a ride from my fabulous brown travel ten, i was greeted with Toto blaring and the driver singing along in the most enthusiastic and infectious manner. His singing, I later observed in the rear vision mirror, was accompanied by equally heartfelt, earnest, occasionally needy, a little bit squittery, facial expressions.

And just when i thought it really couldn't get any better, he'd holler out

"How's everybody going? Yeah". He was very "well, alright! Charlie's good tonight innit he" in his delivery, dare I suggest, even better.

Then more disconcertingly, bus driver would cry

"Hey, where's everybody going?" followed by a "next stop, anyone?" And he'd fang on merrily until another vehicle would "cut" his bus, whereupon he'd gently moan "oooooooooooh, what are you doing to me, baby?."

Fortunately and presciently, the STA handy hint poster for this bus was about safety for Seniors which advised the olds to sit up the front of the bus, and hold on while seated. Indeed it was a rollicking bus ride. My best yet.

So who do i thank for this most joyful experience and wonderful start to my working day? Well, apart from STA , I would like to thank R and J Stone, for if i hadn't played their single "and we do it" that third time while brushing my teeth, i would have reached the bus stop by 7.45 am rather than 8 am, and missed the ride of my life.

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