Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Arise "Squirrel" Packer

According to today's paper and Frank Costigan, Kerry Packer used to refer to himself as Squirrel and not Goanna.


Let's say you are in trouble, you've landed yourself in the soup, you're up to your armpits in it, and it's not of the Pete 'n' Dud Anna Magnani variety an'all.

It's commonly known as being against the law, it's somewhat nefarious, you've got to meet with your associates to discuss this trouble. Well if it happens to me and I'm meeting you, don't tip your hat and greet me with "evening , Mistress", or talk about the "Bel" dealing this and the "Mistress" avoiding that. I want a codename that is hard, gruff, inspires terror and fear yet doesn't alert the fuzz that it's me.

So when I meet you in that smoke free saloon, that alley with the gaudy 80's mosaic pavement, or at my local Council's skater graffiiti zone, armed with contraband chocolate eclairs, just nod your head as your eyes meet mine and whisper,

"Precious Baby Lamb".


boy said...

I was cherry chipmunk cheeks for 14 years before opting for the more apropos gentle snake muff and I must say my life has improved in ways I never imagined

David said...

What happened to the boil on your "colleague's" "butt"?

Mistress Bel said...

It burst along with my love me bubble.