Wednesday, 22 February 2006


A colleague advised that he had "a boil on his butt".

How on earth do you reply to such an announcement?!

"Bummer"!? "Stop arsin' about"!?

I guess the kids would reply "too much information". And kids, I am like so totally with you.


boy said...

It'd be horrific if your colleague's boil exacerbated at the same rate as interest in this blog entry. Hold on, I've read that...

It's a goddamn Stephen King story.

Tracy, 12 said...

Dear Non Sequitur Rising,

I like your blog. It’s informative and nice. Someday I hope to be a blogger too. I’m twelve and I collect miniature basketballs. Mick Jagger is God. Bye!

Wayne said...

It's fascinating what passes for conversation these days, isn't it? I'm channeling her holiness Miss Manners here... Your colleague is provding you with information that should be kept private, if not special. I imagine an appropriate response would be to stare with an expression somewhere between bland and puzzled until such as time as the Boil brodcaster wants to forget the whole thing entirely.

Mistress Bel said...

Response, um, what should response be?

A) Lay off the vinegar, especially with boils. Yowch! (bit too harsh, puerile and autocratic?)

B) Blogging means never having to say you’re sowy? (somewhat naïf, trite?)

C) i started a joke……………. (Bee Gees version, puhlease)

D) Help me into a hairshirt now? (Kinda Kris Kristoffersen, very cool)

E) chiding dooley noted. (Song about conciliation by the Go Betweens?)

Hey, it’s your choice which of course makes it all good, but then again that is disputable. Oh the grey, the filthy, dirty, knife twisting, flexible grey.

It’s open slather here at NSR - 3 comments!! Thank you for reading.