Monday, 7 February 2011

Plumping for it

Why such brouhaha about the theft of profile photos from facebook for use on lovely faces dot com. Frankly it’d be more upsetting to have one’s body used to illustrate articles and “news" "stories” on the obesity pandemic.

As you know I get about Sydney a fair bit, busy, busy - so many great places to eat and booze. So when I’m not bumping into Bryan, Pattie, Parky, Hugo or the nation’s favourite psephologist, I’m forever falling upon and shielding myself from the televisual journalistes filming stories in the ceebeedee.

When I pass the papps (don’t worry not as painful as it sounds) I always push out my tits and suck in my stomach  in case they’re filming one of their Straya a nation of fatties stories and use a profile shot of my girth/body  as I waddle about my very important business.

One evening, after a hard day nosing about and in the trough, I lay on my $20,000 couch chillin’ to the televisual splendour that is A Current Affair, when I thought I espied my body's profile in a reportage about adult-onset diabetes- why, I almost choked on my Pringles and dairy whip. Well that learnt me, let me tell you, I now only have Philly lite with my Pringles and reserve the dairy whip for my muesli. Salutary tale or what.