Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Status update*

This morning I went to town for the first time in over a fortnight. It could not be avoided as there were certain essential items that had to be purchased for a forthcoming expedition. Well,  yes, I could have tootled off to one of the burban centres but having witnessed a huge pile up of motors yesterday, there was an ambulance for each car involved, I did not feel like beetling about en voiture so instead strolled on in via the back streets and Darling Harbour at a very respectable hour.

Did you know that there is an actor called Chris Pine? I think I did and such vital information was merely confirmed when I saw a promotion for a film, in which he is co-starring with Denzil Washington, decorating the derriere of Sydney bus. Possibly an action fillum, owing to the poster's detail not its position on the bus.Said actor looks like a cross between Adrian Grenier and Julian McMahon. Curious what ? Saucy old Lady Sohnia , god rest her leggy soul. She's probably comparing her pins with Cyd Charisse as I type, then again possibly not - Cyd may not be deemed comme il faut.. Lady Sohnia  left the Bliss Barre for the Arcadian Liberal Lovers Society drawing room to have a cup of Maxwell House coffee with Dame Zara Bates. Celestial mirroir can see her now, seated in a chintz upholstered tub chair, legs crossed at the ankles and placed close to the chair, slightly angled to the right, and raising an empty cup to her lips, having earlier tipped its contents on the base of some pot plant or down the throat of  Zara's Cairn Terrier.

Speaking of sources of disquiet,  my dears, the music played in several of the shops that I visited.  Admittedly I was feeling somewhat guilty for participating in the post-xmas consumer frenzy but I MOST certainly did not deserve the aural retribution to which I was subjected.  Dire Straits, so terribly distressing at any time, I know, but this morning it was that money for nothing song and other customers were singing along and hissing the chicks for free line. This song made me feel sicker than I do when I hear that Video Killed the radio star. The next shop treated me to more 80's crap, i just died in your arms tonight, followed by I won't let you down. Despair had well and truly set in when  the opening chords and lines of Barbados were piped out,  I bolted out of Lowyland, mode Munchienne.

* so in the now I'm positively 2007


David said...

Did you know there's a pop star called Chris Pine St Peters?

AB said...

John's son?