Thursday, 15 July 2010

The future's looking glass

Oh NSRs, I do so hope that Kylie is not yet in God’s Own to visit Danniiiii and new bairn. All that visuale media coverage of tizzy ,bee stung lipped, nipped and tucked “biographer”(sorry channelling supercilious drawers Gideon Haigh) Blaaaaaaaaaaaaanche D’Alpuget would surely be giving your Kylie the jim-jams. And please let us not loiter near the smugness, insensitivity and vanity of Bob and Blaaaaanche and their big love.

I myself personally and to my mind am sure that some of you have also been getting the odd untoward  feeling  when reading the rancorous rants by the bileous old panto dame that PJK has become. I, of course, haven’t but I do so feel for you.

Vanity, pride and rancour, just don’t do ‘em NSRs, remember to let yourself go and forget, which won't be too much of a challenge,  I mean, oh yes you can!

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