Tuesday, 16 February 2010

"She's a frozen fire "

Oh American noooo wave. I do love it and have been particularly partial to it of late, why, it's almost usurped my partiality for the old Napoleon pastry.

May (sweet, sexy, mystical and  kinda humble: why I do declare that  you are the subjunctive, the nanny figallilly of  tenses, yours Kel Richards) I just table right here right now that my enjoyment of the US new wave is not born of some cocking, wacky, zany, hankering to be D I F F E R E N T, or what Hilda Rumpole would term a "character" nor am i suffering from some like retro virus.  I just really loik it OK for it is fun and the lyrics, particularly those by the Cars, are rather pleasurable.

The Cars  lyrics and their general quest for the rhyme surpasses that of  Rod Stewart (and that IS impressive.)  It's tops. I wonder if  Ric Ocasek and Benjamin Orr's first language at hoame was Czech for the lyrics are very Velvet Revolution; possibly as interpreted by Tom Stoppard  but not as hammily delivered as by that ridiculous Matthew Newton . (OH what was the buzz about that violent podge?! - and  am I being  post-post modern in an ignoramous void i.e. ludicrous attempt to conceal severe lacunes in my general knowledge - oh desist inner dialogue and just let me b l o g).

The Cars were also baby boomin noo wavers not your gen jones variety, so probably influenced by hippy trippy imagery to boot. And dude, talk about influential: I suspect that you're all i've got tonight was the prototype for Huey Lewis and the news' (not power of love, you cynic!) but Stuck with you.  The Cars jumped the shark with Drive. Jesus that song, that fillum clilp!! (I know i've banged on  and blogged about it soo many times before but lawks!!!!)

Sad, institootionalised mental chicks ARE NOT sexy OKyours T. Abbott.

Then Vicodina Ryder and Avatarina Jolie adapted the Drive fillum clip to the silver screen (Moue moue uninterrupted) for which Jolie won an Oscar. How'd you be? An Edward Lear Jumblie crossed with  James Cameron Avatar as sex symbol channelling Mama Mia Farrow on kiddie shoppin' sprees in Indochine and Afrique and doing very nicely thanking you bulkly.

Um feeble carriage return to even feebler new wave musings...

The singer from the Knack joined Benjamin Orr in North American new waver heaven the other day.

I think that the first lp by the Knack was the first lp which I bought and deemed a complete and utter dud (Look just step off, The Seekers live at the Talk of the Town is a goddamn marvel!!). It was quite an upsetting experience (more so than Judy Durham stalking me in the 90's) as i really wanted to like it but couldn't....

 D I L E M M A but not quite of the Mary McGregor variety.  I thought I was guttted until the following year I bought that Emotional Rescue lp and well I actually lost my faith in Stonesy for the rest of my adolescence;  when i actually voiced my disgust i felt such guilt and anguish. It was nice once to be almost sweet  and intense about something, yours Lord Harry Wotton.  Still I rather like that title song now......Had better get myself to the youtubery to watch it for i am an audiovisualiste these daze.

'tude, toodez, and fine arab chargers to ya.


David said...

The New Cars album is grouse.

Mistress Bel said...

surely you mean gross. I don't think it's the right vehicle for Todd. Then again it'd be better than those goddamn sea shanties with tim robbins and slapper faithfull. r. ocasek was right to put Todd on notice.

David said...

It's so good all the previous albums are being rebranded as the Old Cars.

boy moritz said...

Are ye fond of the vibrators?