Friday, 26 February 2010

Aunty talk

Christ Krudd was ghastly on the 7.30 Report last night.  His supercillious, prissy, glib and redundant responses which began each tme by inverting Kerry's preceding question were just infuriating.

Kerry was disgusted and simmered. Krudd blanched as he attempted to duck the questions. Kerry had enough and requested that Snowy the puffed-up-priss answer directly. Krudd turned into white fury. Kerry was still incensed when he had to introduce the next story. Kerry held his own. Kerry is magnificent.

And can I  just say, Kerry, I mean, NSRs, that Clarke and Dawe were sublime to boot. Iview them NOW.

Before the 7.30 Report, Sydneysiders were treated to the most appalling and woefully risible news presentation I have EVER witnessed.  I don't know where Wah-nee-tah, Jeremy and Gra-Gra had gone but we (oh is this my first use of the smug first-person plural? Isn't it vile? ), had to endure the ABC team from CAN-berra. Jesus wept. The newsreader's intonation and delivery were like some 60 Minutes journo from the 80's and as for the weatherman and his sprig of fuschia grevillia on his lapel., well he was just utterly mental, and I mean that in the most accepting and caring way.

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