Thursday, 30 April 2009


(For those I’ve already told, respectfully I say to thee ‘bad luck'. I have to increase the blog quota for April, ye see or I am in soup city with Blogger dot com (that old joke, again - yes sorry, not really) )

Last Friday I saw Daniel Johns down by the posh part of Circular Quay, the western part. I am surprised by the thrill but it was very thrilling. I wanted to look at him and his companion a second time but resisted, he is such a lovely sensitive, creative thing i didn't want him to turn me into a pillar of salt so i thought i'd blog about it instead.

Then today I saw ONJ in Myer!!! I was stimulating the economy and she was ostensibly promoting those wii smart brain boxes but really just seemed to be sitting down looking G O R G E O U S, being utterly charming and signing autographs. It must be extraordinary to be a blue eyed blonde with those creamy pink apple cheeks and talented.Fairy floss perfection! The current editor of the Women’s Weekly was also there and she was probably ruminating about cotton candy and such. Is Myer owned by ACP? Perhaps I need a Wii brain thingy.

This morning I spoke to a young woman whose first name is Bliss and then a young man by the name of Englebert, which is so much more dignified than Bliss. No offence Bliss.

Do you eat Baked Beans? I do and I love them. They are so delicious and satisfying.They are a complete meal.

Two celeb sightings and a small tin of baked beans and I am really happy.


t-k said...

I saw Kieran Perkins at Wynyard station. He would do well to get back in the pool.

David said...

I see his name doesn't spell 'milk' backwards anymore. What's with that!?

Mistress Bel said...

I thought that was S Penn. Whatever. I’m as rich as Croesus. All I’ve been doing is sitting on my hands and the value of Tupper Mansions has greatly increased. Now all I can do with my hands is either rub them with glee or across my smug belly.

David said...

Well you know what happened to Croesus - folded, spindled and mutilated. All because he boasted of his ginormous wealth.

Mistress Bel said...

I thought you seemed shorter the last time i saw you.