Monday, 6 April 2009

Clunks Passiona style

Hey guys, buds and special fwends do you remember (granted a challenging activity for the majority of you) a tattoo that was very popular around the mid to late 90s which depicted a ring of barbed wire and is generally placed midway around the upper arm. It was highly prized by Sydney Eastern suburbs beaches types (read wankers, no offence but), Pamela Anderson and lots of other people of that calibre.

Well i do and it's been dominating my pondering hours and i've generally concluded that it will actually be even more trag as the years pass. This morning on the bus when i espied a pedestrian sporting aforementioned tatt it suddenly dawned on me that perhaps this image was not actually meant to be barbed wire but meant to convey a goddamn crown of thorns!! OMG and more grotesque.


David said...

It's a cuff of thorns, as worn by Jesus in summer.

t-k said...

We had a neighbour with a thorny band and a girlfriend with enhanced frontage. They made loud loving.

Reminds me of the joke about the inflatable boy who went to the inflatable school and sat at his inflatable desk and read an inflatable book. One day he was caught taking a pin into class and he was sent to the headmaster.

"Not only have you disappointed me, and your teacher, you have let yourself down, you've let your friends down... you've let the whole school down!"