Friday, 13 March 2009

It's a living thing!!

Don’t worry the mistress has not gone all pro-life on you and about to bleat that "Johnny would have been 12 today if his mother had not had an abortion." A quote from a pro-life campaign pamphlet placed in the faaaaaaaaamily’s letterbox circa 1974.

In fact I am exclaiming about language, the English language, you know that feisty, unwieldy, capricious, vagabond temptress of a tongue.

“Oh lady behave!” I cried to the telly the other evening while watching the ads in between Two and a Half Men. (Yeah, I disgust you because yes, I do enjoy that show. Hey, I’m thrilled to see all my Brat pack mates together again; Jon “Duckie” Cryer so gainfully employed and Charlie Sheen is like a total male feminist these days).

The commotion was caused by the promotion of a new dessert offered by one of those fast food chains that sells every possible ingredient on a soggy crusted pizza (commonly known as the got problems with me glands lovers special).

Said dessert/pudding/sweets/afters was called a ‘chocolate lava cake’ but it plainly looked like a self-saucing pudding to me. Is the term self-saucing pudding now over, passé, obsolete, dare i say, extinct in the culinary kingdom? Now only to be used to describe neo-cusser Pastor Krudd or other self-satisfied toads who one has the misfortune to endure in one’s quotidian.

D e v A s t a t e d.


David said...

I have known you for a long time, and have never heard you use the term 'self-saucing pudding' to refer to an actual self-saucing pudding. Therefore in conclusion ultimately I think the answer is probably YEP.

Mistress Bel said...

You never watched my morning cookery show?! Dradde!

David said...

I wondered what happened to you after your yoga show was axed.

Mistress Bel said...

Unfortunately i could no longer use the title Swami once i'd turned Chef. However I still continued to sell that line of Bel Swami apricot moisturisers. My yoga video, assaning about is a best seller to this very day. Channel 10 has been very good to me.