Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Well hello dollies.

D'you know what? i have been gadding about so much that i cannot help but feel a bit like a liz taylor jetsetting character in an airport movie - sporting a divine snow white swing coat with fur trimmed hood all the while hamming it up and trilling a few goddamnits to a stella cast of silver screen has-beens (no offence, good friends, but your halcyon days have passed, whereas mine, why i've just rejoined facebook so my life has taken a whole new flavour - desperation).

The roadshow began on 22 December:Hobart, Sydney, Mt Victoria, Bathurst, Blayney and Milthorpe. Celebratin' messiahs' birthdays, boxing day sales, new years, 18ths and the GFC. Then last Tuesday i set forth for good time centrale, melbournia ...(dear popular culture illiterate in this instance "... " signifies the commencement of romper room psychedelia swirls within empty stringless raquet face).

I was flying Jetstar International from Syd to Mel Bourne's Tullamarine. It was a cheap ticket and at the time of making the reservation my inner constable care cautioned that there would be a price to pay for not paying ; i thought that my luggage would be sent to Dengpasar or Deniliquin. Tuh huh. Never in my wildest dreams did i expect to: see Paris Hilton and her nbff; get trapped in a landed plane because the tallowbridge was broke; and endure an aeroplane voyage from syd to mel that would last 5 goddamn hours.

However, it is all true and yes, it happened to me, and if you're lucky, pumpkin, it will be something you'll only hear about! For further details facebook me.

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