Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Pollie, Pollie, Pollie, Pollie talk

Talk about things you know nothing abouuuuuuuuut.

State election is on this Saturday and while the actual election is not that exciting - it's a given the ALP'll return to government and Admiral Denham will be going down with the SS Libs ( just as well he always sports those sluggos and swims at Bondi every day) it's the Cabinet reshuffle that will get us goin'.

Well that's what I was telling my brand new personal bus stop bestie as he pushed in the bus queue. That is cool, he is important and there are like so many electorates and things to think about but still i think i might lend him Brian's High Maintenance t-shirt.

So like i was so painstakingly explaining to Ant this morning, while he foraged through his rucksack for his blessed red travel ten, what will be really interesting is the Cabinet reshuffle. Will Tripodi, Costa and Sartor go? Will Linda Burney ascend to Cabinet?. And who will the new Opposition leader be? Pru Goward or Barry O'Farrell?

Hanyways Federal election is going to be a lot more exciting and full of so much promise and i can't wait to write a posting called

"Now we've got a P.M. called Kevin." And as he appears to be a bit of a godbotherer, i'm pretty confident the next line can be "he's sure to go to heaven. "


tom said...

Ease up on our Ant is my advice, he's a real heart breaker. I used to catch him rushing for medium lane at the Sydney Uni pool, both of us sporting black budgie smugglers, but still no acknowledgment.

Mistress Bel said...

Nobody can pin him down, very much on the go! Stars! Who wasn't swimming at that pool in the 90's. I swam into Dawn Fraser, Peter Carey and practically all of the inner west. Could've been a premise for a tv game show.

David said...

Joan Sydney - didn't you swim into her too?

Mistress Bel said...

Stars indeed. Did I ? And why do you remember and not me? Come to think of it i do have a hazy memory of a generous bosom attempting to break free from a sensible bathing suit and a bathing cap festooned with oversized flowers. Judy and Jo Loveday, you remember JO don't you, were definitely there as was fatso with a blue foam bubble tied to his back.