Wednesday, 14 March 2007

The psephologist

Oh Antony Green

Star of the television screen
on election nights

2007 will be a busy year for you

But in downtime what is it that you do?

I see you at the bus stop watching bicyclists zip past

while you wait ...

Would you like a bike for Christmas?

When bus arrives you jump the queue
Naughty, impatient Antony Green

At night on the bus people chat to you

You laugh, feign interest, then bolt

Leaving chatters lookin’ out window - dejected;
poor puds are no match for

Elusive, athletic Antony Green

Striding purposefully down the main road

A pack of frozen four ‘n twenty pies in your hand

Peckish, carnivorous Antony Green

Star of psephology

Mackerras successor

When will you introduce the Greendulum,

Antony Green?


David said...

This is pretty much the funniest thing I have ever read (that I remember)

boy moritz said...

I remember laughing my ass off to this (I'm pretty sure)

Anonymous said...

Antony Green, Julie McCrossin, 2BL, you sound like a feeaky stalker. Don't forget your medication.

Mistress Bel said...

What do you mean by calling me a feeaky stalker, anonymous? Is it my fault that sitemeter advises me that your server is situated somewhere in Mulbring, NSW and you visited nsr for approximately 2mins and 5 seconds and looked at three pages.

Shee you shoon.

The hip and hinged say "meds".