Monday, 14 August 2006

Yeah, yeah

said in a really rapid way in response to your answer is soooooooooo rude.

Don’t make a query if you don’t have time listen to the response, great rude articles. It’s particularly annoying when one generally replies in a fairly concise manner, ‘whatever’ gets me through the working day quite adequately thank you very much. In fact 'yeah yeah' has almost become the 'whatever' of the workplace.

And no I'm not talking about replies to social enquiries. As much as i am tempted when asked about my health i do NOT go into detail about the number of times I’ve blown my nose that morning (10 times so far) or other exciting and graphic details. Yeah, yeah could be justified then.

But sweetheart, if you are going to ask me for some information at least have the patience to listen to the reply or don't pose the question, cock robin.

When I think of the bores I have suff..................

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