Saturday, 5 April 2014

Dropping like flies

the celebs are, aren't they.

Why only late last year walking down my neighbourhood's main strip did I see a dress shop's promotional sale sign that read  'Let's dance' . Consider my feeling of great untowardness when 5 seconds later I passed a pedestrian (not as painful as it sounds) wearing a t-shirt stating 'David Bowie'. Cowinkydink or portent.....

It makes you wonder that if DEATH could happen to THEM well what hope have you got?!! It's as if your own personal death is inevitable! I mean how'd you be?! Let's face it,  either dead or alive.

Outpour your grief now.

Some tweet, some status update, some instagram a photo of their cock or favourite strap on to nearest and dearest or the world  - grief affects everyone differently. I myself personally prefer to attach a nice little bouquet to the mansions' fence with a brief note, 'How much longer? Remember to breathe : ) '