Saturday, 8 March 2014

They served me for some of their days

Thoughts on primary school teachers 

1971 - Mrs Trevitt  - nice old lady who I used to visit and bestow presents that I'd made; hideous creations consisting of empty chocolate boxes  decorated with empty patty cake holders. She was very gracious and just let me prattle on.

1972 - Mrs Halliday - jolly and plump, so super nice. and such a talented teacher. She wore this delicious spearmint coloured skirt suit - years later would stop my mother and younger sister at the checkout at Franklins  to ask after me - loved me as I loved her.

1973 - Mrs Reynolds  - a bit stern and cranky but i made her happy.

1974 - Miss Watkins  - very low cut tops and happy, active breasts, very strong sickly perfume and was once a bit mean to another student so I was almost reserved with her.

1974 Mrs Melvaine - for craft mornings  and a wonderful librarian whose name I can't remember (sorry) - sensational

Moved house, new catchment area so new public school 

1975 - Miss Berwick,  Larry  Lamb and Mr Carlisle.  Larry Lamb was  a war veteran who relieved Miss Berwick while she was on long service leave. He made us march around the oval singing John Brown's body.. BO Berwick kept me back after school, generally  once a week because I didn't hold my pen correctly and my modern cursive corrective was so abysmal.  " I had to keep your brother back after school too", she relished saying each time. Mr Carlisle took us for  mathematics and caned my legs.

1976 - Miss March - wore a very mean pair of gaberdines - oh so tight.

1977 - Mrs Warden - had just emigrated from New Zealand. Outwardly severe but really rather gentle and kind and very professional. 


David Nichols said...

Did Miss March waste chalk or pose for Playboy? I'm confused

boy moritz said...

And was Miss watkins bitten only by men reserved for her?

sumon tripura said...

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