Monday, 2 January 2012

wordy go go

This morning's All things considered program featured  the Lake Superior State University 2012  list of words and phrases to be banished from English due to "overuse, misuse and general uselessness" (or is that Jerri Blank's description of her life on the streets?).

Here is a list of words and phrases  that have been causing hornet rose here to tut, rick her neck or fume when eavesdropping, listening to the wireless or watching the television.

period of time




at the end of the day

it is what it is

awesome (or perhaps that is now extinct, well, only used by French nationals during  facebook frenzy updates. Here's hoping).



David said...

Don't ban words for misuse, jut don't misuse them. 'Hopefully' is a shocker though (I probably use it all the time) and then there's 'Interestingly'.

boy moritz said...

such a gas-gas!

reta said...

About Asia

David said...

Reta has the right idea

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