Sunday, 20 November 2011

resist, resist, away, away

So much has happened since I last talked at you but I cannot go into such matters for my specialty is the superficial and inane.

I have to table the following, for neither are original, significant, or of any consequence and (triangular formation of dots) very important to me.

1. Diana Mitford's nickname for   Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon  was 'Cake'  owing to gin fizz Liz's penchant for confectionery like costume.

2. While catching a taxi home this evening after a splendid day picknicking in a very big park,    I heard a song on the radio that always makes me feel very ill at ease, provokes utter distaste and causes marked vexation. It was not Video Killed the Radio Star which I really, really cannot abide.

It was that song by little Stevie Winwood called While you see a chance or something like that.

 I do not know why I hate it so  but I suspect it's the timbre of his voice, the general tune, I don't know its content because I cannot register, all the space between my ears gets very tangled and tetchy.

Oh such vexation!!  BUT WHY?!  Could it be the dicky keyboards and possibly some of that saxophone, could it be the timbre of lSW's voice - so squittery and oh so weedy, or could it, could it  just be  my all consuming, crazy,  furtive  love for Captain Von Trapp tainting everythink?!!!

The only antidote to such a source of disquiet and moribund fate  is to listen to everybody's favourite tinker come pop star,  David Essex.