Monday, 12 September 2011

Oh the pain

 In addition to on-going blood testing, possible blood letting, and sinusitis , I’ve been fainting and whatnot.  Believe you me it's even more tedious experiencing it than reading about it...

Unfortunately  my new found delicacy caused me to miss a social event that I would have liked to have attended.

I’ve also been caught up in quite the cockup in cyberspace, with the electronic missives on the iPhone. It turns out that I'd been sending mental missives  to a stranger, instead of  one of my  good time charlie friends. Goodness knows for how long!  I daren't look at the sent box. Stranger only advised me in a politely sardonic fashion on Wednesday and the shock of the news  triggered one of my dizzy spells. There was NO sexting involved I swear!! Oh noes what if the missives go viral!!

O technology!  I’m up with the social etiquette but netiquette – really it's high time that a Sunday paper supplement featured an article about THAT!

When I haven't had my schnoz in a bucket of lavender coloured smelling salts or the Merk Manual,  I managed to notice  that a SMURF MOVIE  has  been released. I see that  Papa Smurf (IL PAPA?) leads the goddamn posse sportin' a beard, beanie and ray bans!!! Yowch (see Quack posting). The promotions for the film  feature smurfs frequently murmuring, "Oh my smurf" . Some catchphrase. Actually ...