Friday, 2 October 2009

High Society

Last night I was taken to the most divine (say it like Christopher Pahne would) bistro to celebrate my birthday.

My birthday actually falls in August and there is/was nothing august about it. Turning 40 was a breeze but the years that ensue, while a blessing are also a goddamn downer; just too confronting and really who wants a nervy b for her/is b’day. A veritable cherry atop yer middle-age spread.

Nevertheless I was very happy to celebrate my birthday in October because I have always been more comfortable with fiction than fact - some of my dearest friends and memories are phoney.

So the restron was gorgeous, absolutely delicious fare, and not too posh despite its location. Well for the true dwellers of the meretricious east this joint is casuale and akin to dining at your local Thai or Turkish (but not quite Aussie Chinese at the local rissole).

Towards the end of our meal a group of mid 30’s professional types were seated at the table behind us. I was probably digging my spoon into my dessert of white chocolate pannacotta, raspberries and a soupcon of superiority, when some friends of those derriere arrived to dine at another table. Amidst the welcoming cries and merging of tables , I heard the big lug of a rugger player type behind me boom to the female arriviste,

“Oh it's Piggy! Piggy, how are you? Oh you’re not so piggy now. Piggy’s now slim. Slender piggy.”
My delight was to intensify. 20 minutes later, having left the beeestro, we strolled down one of Woollahra’s avenues and as we passed another restaurant I gazed in the window at the diners and locked eyes with Diana 'Bubbles' Fisher.

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David said...

If ever we needed proof that Wikipedia was irrelevant to today's concerns, they have no entry on Diana Fisher. 'Do you mean Diane Fisher' indeed.