Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Have you noticed that during the 7 o'clock news bulletin preceding AM on Radio National the newsreader has commenced announcing “9 minutes past seven"? It’s rather out of the blue (or should that be random?) and then the newsreader finishes bulletin with a very brief weather forecast.

What is with this "9 minutes past"? Could it be that the bulletin had been cutting into A.M’s time and Tony Eastley got tooshy? Did T.E. demand that AM start on the dot of 7.10 to allow sufficient time at the end for the witty banter baton exchange with Fran Kelly?

Does anyone care?

And Charlotte Glennie is back! Reporting from Brisbane but back nevertheless. I wonder if she is good friends with Christopher Pahne? Someone has to be, well apart from Lexie Downer.


Anonymous said...

It caught my attention this morning, but I didn't know that it was new. My awareness is not at its peak at that hour.

I was impressed that he get through it in 9 minutes. It seems like much longer, some mornings.

Mistress Bel said...

am so glad that it has caught your attention. I only began noticing it last week or the week before. It has amused me so. Tomorrow concentrate on the tone.