Tuesday, 1 July 2008

A-vauntin' she will go

Today is


It's pure arithmetic, don't ye know.

Yesterday was Madame's birthday. Well may she be French but man is she OLD. Old I tell you. Old and vieille as yesterday. I feel rather guilty being so young and jeune and sans souci but what can you do. At least she'll always have my friendship.

I chided a jetsetter acquaintance, let's just call her Sputnik, for forgetting Madam's birthday. I received a curiously unapologetic text:

given the life I've been leading it is amazing that I can remember my name.

Oh nsrs, what happened to courtesy, guilt and self-restraint?

A fortnight ago I saw Richard Neville, then last week i saw Jeannie Little. Hazard a guess which baby-boomer star from the Mike Walsh Show this week will bring. I was also fortunate to happen upon Geoffrey Robertson. He has a wonderful face, kind of like that of a nice crocodile. Both he and Dicky have marvellously luxuriant heads of hair.

Are people still down on the baby-boomers? I can't get enough of them.

Marbles lost and seediness set-in, a situation that is utterly win-win.


Rashid fom Iraqi said...

Jeannie Little and Richard Neville are not baby boomers, as they were both born before 1946. Interesting isn't it that 1938 (when JL was born) seems an aeon before 1941 (when RN was born). Geoffrey Robertson was born in 1946, so he's cool. Your Old Friend is one too.

Mistress Bel said...

Oh thank you for checking. Wikipedia is so helpful. Yes i know rn was born 1941, 15 December, if i rightly recall. Still they all hung out with those baby boomers and i do not know what to call the pre-baby-boomer generation- antes? oh but it was gens jones and x who were agin boomers. And lay off Alice she's Generation Jones. Oh you mean Mick. Old Friend - He should be so lucky!

Wa wa wa waaaaaaaaah (sound effect please)

Anonymous said...

courtesy,and self-restraint are irrelevant when touring it seems. Guilt is ever present.I'll make it up to Alice. I remembered it-just on wrong day. I have witnesses to give evidence that after about a week of this trip I could no longer tell left from right. It wasn't the high life but the extremely high level of stress.

Mistress Bel said...

i was just jiving with ya. It was funny.