Friday, 10 August 2007

You're all i've got tonight

It's extraordinary that it's August; I still feel like it's July - it won't truly feel like August until the Virgo's reign commences.

Let's face it we all feel so settled and happy, not to mention superior, when Virgo's time comes.

Virgo is Madge to Dame Edna; Fanny to Linda; Ronnie Corbett to Ronnie Barker but never Ronnie to Keef - sweetheart, there are some levels to which even a Virg will not plummet. It's not all bad* - Virgos make great teachers, accountants, librarians and public servants. Anything a Virgo cannot do? Have fun? Oh downer desist with your negative meddling, and that goes for you too Lllexie!! Wooh, alright Mistress (sorry, am just imagining if this were blogged live in front of a stoodio audience .)

So from end of August until lateish September we can all feel rather good about ourselves, unless of course mid-superiority stride you realise that you are a Virgo. And it's at that point the expression "nervy b" is coined.

Yeah so the Leo part of August has been hotttt, which is all you can expect from a Llleeo, natch.

Good times but also kinda mellow. Had my first beginners yoga class on Wednesday. After initial irritation by ultra mellow guru's sonorous timbre, bel got with the strength and asanaed about. It was fun to do exercises i recalled from childhood and it's reassuring to know i'm as unco now as i was then. However, with sheer determination i will again surmount the unco, temporarily, but i don't think i'll ever come third place again in high jump.

It was a very good stretch session i must say - my neck feels pretty marvellous and my mind not as tetchy as it has been, which admittedly is not saying much.

Still when i saw four people pick their noses today, two on the bus ( a senior mother and her middle-aged son - oh i blame the mother), one on the street and one at work, I did not get het up. I embraced their public quest, made four new friends, and scooped the oyster. So my perspective on life has really improved.

Now NSRs this is the part of the posting where the Mistress has to make a confession.

She has become a fan of a contemporary rocknroll band!!

How do you like them toffee apples?!!

*seems such a quaint expression in the age of it's all good


David said...

I am reminded of the time when, as a young employee on a well-known (at the time) teenage pop magazine, I had a short conversation with my editor throughout which he picked his nose most gratuitously. I was very uncertain whether he was making a point (as well) or even having a larf. The 80s were certainly uncertain times.

David said...

Yes, I should of said wtf I suppose but what if it prolonged the situation

Mistress Bel said...

But in the 80's wtf didn't exist. Mind you the expression love your work did. I just saw Alan Alda say that sarcastically to someone in a brilliant 80's film that he wrote and directed, called A new life.

On Friday I was talking to someone and he picked his nose while replying.

David said...

Was this:
* on the phone
* on the net
* in cyberspace
* other?

Mistress Bel said...

via videophone, natch.

Red said...

Once bon was talking to daryl on his two-way tv wristphone and he picked his nose and wiped it on the camera.