Thursday, 3 May 2007

Best legs in Australia but what about Frahnce

During the course of my day I had three people tell me that they were going to get their legs waxed.

No, I didn’t greet them with a "hey, hot legs" or a "what’ve you got in your basket?", I defer to the master, R. Stewart, for that kind of banter. I had just uttered a cordial greeting and they let loose so I duly responded with a “shame” or a “nice” depending on the manner of their delivery. Still at least they weren’t getting Brazilians or I guess they would have been telling me about the joy of waxed snatch to which one could only reply with a “yowzer “ or "let your minge keep her fringe."

Speaking of which this week I have been privy to the comings and goings of the city's fashion week courtesy of my post-work evening stroll to the bus stop at the quay, via Kent Street, the Windmill steps, Hickson Road, the laundry on the hill and the overseas passenger terminal- the latter is where fashion week is taking place. The attendees at fashion week just seem to be wearing super fly 70’s sunglasses, pieces of material around the torso and a belt or just black ensembles – sucked in cheeks and sullen expressions accessorise all outfits. I did see one woman in a beautiful cherry red woollen dress which was adorned with a matching patent leather belt but she was in her mid-40’s, so would understand the difference between style and fashion. Her only flaw was that she was on the mobe banging on about Fraaaaaaahnce.

Oh the recurring themes that plague. If i'm not being haunted by the sight of the bus to Castlecrag threes times per day, or having people waxing to me about depilatory methods and activities, i'm constantly hearing or being reminded about Fraaaaaahnce.

Oh ruddy Marianne!

I have several different groups of friends, people at work and now fellow pedestrians talking about going to Frahnce or wanting to go to Frahnce. Am I watching the final season of a US tv show or living in the south of England ? Are my friends metamorphosing into Peter Mayle, letting their inner Bonnie Tyler roam free (been there, done that) or is it just the perfect destination for the middle age rampage. Time for a nice Contiki tour of South-East Asia with the kids for me.

The veneration of France by Anglophones is akin to the esteem in which the Beatles are held, which of course means that if France were a pop group she would be the Beatles.


boy moritz said...

The Beatles are Disneyland Paris surely

Frances said...

Will there be a film of the election starring Rachel Griffiths (aka Alice Caffarel ) as Segolene?

France is better than the Beatles

David said...

How was your weekend?

Mistress Bel said...

I thought i was comparing the veneration of both things. oh man, if people persist in misinterpreting my postings i will have to enforce comment modewation. Oh, hi David. Yes my weekend was great, how unusual of you to ask.

If we like we can continue the desired theme of countries as popstars, or did Smash Hits do that in 1985, or did I think it 1984 and it got leaked to Smash Hits. No doubt the latter.

Australia under Howard : The Seekers

Australia under Kevin Rudd: Mike and the Mechanics.